DATES: AUGUST 9th-18th

Are you ready to experience one of the greatest clubs in World Soccer?  

Corpus Christi FC Academy players will participate in the annual FC Bayern Summer Tour though its partners. The GPS-FC Bayern partnership allows players unparalleled access to the German giant’s HQ this summer. The tour is open for 2005 – 2010 players, both boys and girls. All soccer programming is co-ed. 

 Activities will include:

  • Training with FC Bayern Coaches at FC Bayern Campus
  • Allianz Arena Stadium Tour
  • FC Bayern Munich Tour
  • Tickets to Bundesliga Game (if applicable)
  • Play two or three friendly matches against local German teams
  • GPS Training Camp at Sternberg Lake
  • City Tour of Munich
  • Olympic Area Tour


FC Bayern Munich is one of the biggest clubs in world football and has a proven track record of developing world class players. The club is recognized for producing the very best players who can play at the very highest level of international soccer. At the 2014 World Cup Final, five of Germany’s starting 11 were products of the FC Bayern Academy – Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Muller, Kroos and Hummels.

As part of FC Bayern’s commitment to the US market, the club has put structures in place to coordinate FC Bayern Player ID program across the country. This program offers players a unique training experience delivered under the guidance of the experienced coaching staff at GPS. The aim of the program is to identify players with the potential to become 1st team players capable of representing FC Bayern Munich at a professional level.

The FC Bayern ID program is open for players (boys and girls) within the (U11 – U12) age range. 

All FC Bayern ID programs are coached using a curriculum provided by FC Bayern Munich. This ensures consistency across each State with all players focusing on the same theme for that session. Furthermore, the curriculum ensures that the players receive the same key coaching points following a distinct methodology which has had proven success.

At the end of every youth soccer season and FC Bayern ID Program the best players will be selected by ID program head coaches to attend the summer ID program residential camps, which will be held in June and August.

The FC Bayern ID program, first launched in March 2015, is a club neutral program supported by FC Bayern’s official American youth partner, Global Premier Soccer and all official FC Bayern Affiliate clubs. The FCB ID program is open to any player regardless of their current club affiliation. Players will be enrolled into the program by invitation only.

Corpus Christi FC Academy will participate in the FC Bayern Munich ID Program and Residential Camps. For more information about this program check our contact page and send us a message.


CORPUS CHRISTI, TX- February 25th,2019

Corpus Christi FC today announced the official launching of its youth soccer development program the Corpus Christi FC Academy.

Corpus Christi FC Academy is pleased to announce its partnership with FC Bayern Munich and Global Premier Soccer (GPS). The Academy will be an official North American affiliate of FC Bayern Munich one of the most successful soccer club in the world based in Germany.

The newly formed clubs focus will be on developing competitive programs with focus on U11-U19 age groups initially.  The club will be using 3 local soccer facilities in Corpus Christi for training and will be hosting tryouts this spring.

Corpus Christi FC Academy players will use training methods and curriculum developed by GPS and FC Bayern Munchen, they will also have access to the FC Bayern ID program which provides a direct pathway for players at the U11 and U12 age groups to go train with the FC Bayern teams and coaches at the brand-new FC Bayern Campus.

GPS was formed in 2001 and runs over 45 tournaments annually and has International academies in the UK and Spain. GPS is the Official North American partner of FC Bayern Munich.

“This is a great opportunity to bring together two very successful soccer programs, giving players in our community additional opportunities to train and compete at the highest level,” said CCFC President Dr Kingsley Okonkwo. “This partnership will also enable our most talented players to reach the next level, Nationally and Internationally.”

 “We are extremely excited to partner with Corpus Christi FC Academy” said GPS National Premier Director, Andy Prosser. “We are looking forward to expanding our role and influence throughout Texas alongside them.”

Also available to players will be the FC Bayern/GPS National Team program which sees the best players from throughout the GPS network come together to compete in some of the elite youth tournaments in the World.  Earlier this month over 400 GPS players attended the National Camp in South Carolina.

For more information on Corpus Christi FC Academy camps and tryout dates contact Jessica at ccfc4youth@gmail.com


Corpus Christi FC Academy recognizes that the primary goal of many of our players is to play collegiate level soccer. Our partnership with Global Premier Soccer (GPS) provides us a very efficient means of achieving this goal. The GPS College Placement Program aims to provide our players with the guidance, tools and encouragement they need to make this goal a reality. All corpus Christi FC Academy players of college age have access to the College Placement Program.

Our philosophy has always been to help our players find the “right fit” for them both on and off the field and to encourage our players to “own” the process as much as possible.

Starting in Fall 2018, GPS has realigned the structure for the GPS College Placement Program in order to increase accountability at all levels.  

The CPP is aimed primarily at the players in the U15-18 age brackets within the club as these will be the most important years for our student-athletes to fully understand what is necessary for them to be doing in order to be as successful as possible in ascertaining what they want from the placement process.  There will be many levels of support throughout the GPS college placement process which are listed below:

  • GPS College Seminar Nights – GPS host annual seminars for all high school aged players providing key info on the college recruiting process – we will aim to have GPS alumni and College Coaches present at these meetings to answer questions from our student-athletes and parents.
  • College Showcase Tournaments – The GPS calendar provides players appropriate competitive showcase competition including our Memorial Day and Thanksgiving events, as well as a diverse competitive calendar to try and give our players the ability to be seen by college coaches as much as possible.
  • GPS College Connections and Credibility – GPS is an established leader in the USA and has placed over 800 players in collegiate programs
  • Global Premier Scholarships – For student-athletes and families who want a more extensive personal college process program.  
  • Access to SportsRecruits – the best in show platform gives GPS players the ability to be accountable for their entire college placement process.  GPS has entered a relationship with SportsRecruits that will benefit all our players are they work towards making their final decision on which school to attend.

The goal of the GPS College Placement Program is to educate, support and encourage all GPS student-athletes as they work their way through their first major life decision.

For more information please contact College Placement Program coordinator Nicolas at ccfc4youth@gmail.com


Corpus Christi FC Academy through its partnership with GPS and FC Bayern Munich will participate in the annual FC Bayern Junior Showcase. This showcase started as regional tournaments and the winners of the tournament will get an exclusive opportunity to be part of the FC Bayern Tour in August 2019 that includes a visit to the all-new FC Bayern Campus in Munich Germany, the club’s state-of-the-art youth academy.

The goal of the tournament is to bring together young players across GPS’ ID programs and give GPS and FC Bayern coaches an opportunity to both observe and scout young talents from across the country. The Summer showcase is also a great opportunity to have access to additional FC Bayern Programming. Corpus Christi FC Academy plans to focus on developing young players of the highest quality, exposing our players early to the famous FC Bayern youth soccer development philosophy, CCFC Academy will also enroll its teams in the best competitive youth soccer tournaments both locally and internationally.


How We Develop Players

Or, more importantly, how will we develop your child?  We believe this is a pretty big question, that rarely is answered. You may be told about a coach’s resume, or the importance of certain leagues but does the club have a long-term plan for the players within its care?

Corpus Christi FC Academy is a youth soccer club and academy.  We believe that carries some importance.  A club means a group of people with shared values and traits.  A club has an identity.  A club sticks together.  A club is on the same page.

We do not believe Team A should be unrecognizable to Team B. We do not believe a player should have to relearn the game from year to year.  We do not believe coaches should coach the same team from cradle to grave. 

We Feel that youth soccer should be about something more than gaining results so you can win the annual recruiting war.

This is how we structure our training environment.  There are many other ways and we do not claim to have a full proof player development philosophy as a club.  But we do claim to have one…

A Style of Play.  Start with the End in Mind.



Starting build-up from the goalkeeper, looking to play into the feet of the closest open player.


To maximize touches of the ball and initiate our progressive possession. To create confident, risk-taking and pressure-resistant players. To draw out the opposition, giving space for our forwards to attack when we play through the press.


Keeping the ball, shifting the opposition and playing a penetrative pass at the right moment.


  • To create players that are confident in passing and receiving the ball.
  • To develop players’ understanding of attacking tactical concepts.


Our teams aim to create as many goal-scoring opportunities as possible.


  • To create innovative, exciting and creative players that dominate 1v1 situations.
  • To complete attacking moves with creation of goal scoring opportunities.


GPS teams aim to win the ball as high up the field as possible, with all players playing a role in the defensive phase.


  • To help us win the ball as quickly as possible so we can exercise the three other aspects of our Style of Play.
  • To ensure all our players are capable in all phases of the game.